Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fresh Art! new series & news!

This is my latest Artwork. 'The 3 Graces' Aprox 9x12 inches
This is a color drawing on color matboard.
This marks the beginning of a new series for me.
I will be working on my figures such as these, and also my abstracts. I have in the plans block prints, sculptures, paintings, and my born from fire jewelry.
I promise to post updates on everything as new work develops, As I am very excited about all of the new ideas I am exploring! This all really marks a new era in my career, as well. I have finally put all my efforts into my contemporary work, "getting out of my own way' so to speak. I decided I needed to be brave enough to share these inner visions & expressions and to really dealve into them see where they go and not hold myself back. Since I have made this decision I have been extremely inspired! This is a very exciting time for me, and I hope all of you enjoy sharing this artistic journey with me.
I will also have some very exciting news about new places my art can be seen, both online and OFFLINE.
So I welcome you to visit often, join me on twitter, spread the word & come along on this new journey!
A website is being developed and I will announce it's opening here onthe blog & on twitter.
As always, please feel free to leave comments here on the blog about all of it!
I love to hear from you!
Thanks everyone!
I have been getting a lot of questions on twitter, e mail & on the blogs lately so I'd like to answer a few here, now. The first one is:
Do you create custom works?
YES I do offer commissions. I love making special pieces for collectors! I can work with you to fit your size you need, colors, and budjet. our imaginations are the only limit! And if you're really stuck, send me pictures of the area or space you would like the art for. commissions (custom artworks) are a lot of fun, and I preffer to call them collaborations!
please e mail me or contact me via twitter for details.
wisdompathart (at) yahoo dot com
please put in the subject line what you are interested in


  1. I love how this seems to glow with an almost electrical energy! A beautiful piece.

  2. Just beautiful. I really love your work!! you have really captured something special in this piece!