Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hello everyone!
I hope last week and this weekend was great for you. For me it was a very busy time, and I feel I have fallen behind in my work. I hate that feeling.
I've been very frustrated lately, because I have so much to do, and it seems like some things are just taking forever to get going. such as, my ETSY SHOP where you will be able to BUY handmade goodies by yours truly, based on the Art created for Wisdom Path Art.

Being a professional artist is very hard work, so much so few people ever realise how much. Ideas of artists are romanticised. I'm here to tell you, it's often difficult, not romantic at all. you have to be very dedicated, committed and consistent, day after day week after week, no matter what else is going on in your life. Few people have the kind of determination and dedication that it takes to be a professional artist.

I hope this doesn't sound like complaining, because it IS NOT.
Believe me, none of us out here working as artists would do what we do if we didn't absolutely love it, or it fulfilled us in some way, because there are FAR MORE easier ways to make a living!

I, like many artists, I suspect, do this because I MUST. That's something that's a little difficult to explain. If I didn't do what I'm doing, I would not be happy, or have the same sense of myself as I do now.
I create the art, but the art also creates me.
I absolutely must create my art, it is me, I am it, It is how I relate to the world and understand it, and so much more that is intangible, and impossible to verbalise.
It feeds every neuron of my soul, lets me understand I exist, and places me in context in the world.
(what? you're job doesn't do all that for you? run, don't walk, and give your 2 wks notice then!take a pay cut if you must, but do something that means something to you!)

I may begin a series, perhaps a photo journal of what life is like for an artist. it might be boring to most but might also dispel the romantic idea HA HA
The point of this post? hmm, there really isn't one, besides I wanted to say Hi, share a bit of what's going on and let you know new art will be coming soon, and more updates to the website. As some of my posts on my other blog may have indicated, I am going thru a transitional phase in my career.

So hang around, you might have some fun peeking into the life of this artist.
please take a minute to check it out if you haven't already.
And, as always, I deeply appreciate the kindness & support of all my artistic efforts by all of you wonderful friends out there!

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