Saturday, July 18, 2009

Longing for home...

Hi everyone
I am longing to return to my original home. I am from Norfolk, Va. been a long time since I have lived there. lived all over the world, found myself where im at now, that has never been home. I first started thinking seriously about returning to the area a few yrs ago but home prices were so sky high I thought I couldn't. Now, I am not just longing for Norfolk, I love the entire area & state for that matter. If you havent been or explored Virginia, you're missing out. So now I am thinking seriously about the newport news area to settle in. I will have to take a trip, of course to suss it out, which I can not do right now, but maybe in the early spring.

I could go into how the area left strong imprints on my psyche, that has never left me, and gives me a longing that fills my soul, and how it is probably what sparked a subconscious attraction to industrial beauty, but, I don't have the energy to go into that right now...

Next week I am going to be gone, Monday - Friday for a confrence. I will be back Friday but wont get to any e mail or tweeting or blogging until Saturday.

Anyway, I hope to have art ready to share on the blog with you all tomorrow.
I created a new small original last night, which I will also try to get up here tomorrow before I leave.
thank you everyone for your support of my work!
Love to you all!

Strange & beautiful...

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  1. I spent some time in Virginia Beach a few years ago. Got lost in Norfolk several times. lol. I was having trouble getting used to all of the aircraft noise though, they are deafening aren't they? My eldest son was only 4 at the time and I remember him being curled up in a ball a few times because the noise was too much for him. VA was beautiful though, we travelled up from Florida through Georgia and the Carolinas. A real adventure. X