Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fresh Art! new series & news!

This is my latest Artwork. 'The 3 Graces' Aprox 9x12 inches
This is a color drawing on color matboard.
This marks the beginning of a new series for me.
I will be working on my figures such as these, and also my abstracts. I have in the plans block prints, sculptures, paintings, and my born from fire jewelry.
I promise to post updates on everything as new work develops, As I am very excited about all of the new ideas I am exploring! This all really marks a new era in my career, as well. I have finally put all my efforts into my contemporary work, "getting out of my own way' so to speak. I decided I needed to be brave enough to share these inner visions & expressions and to really dealve into them see where they go and not hold myself back. Since I have made this decision I have been extremely inspired! This is a very exciting time for me, and I hope all of you enjoy sharing this artistic journey with me.
I will also have some very exciting news about new places my art can be seen, both online and OFFLINE.
So I welcome you to visit often, join me on twitter, spread the word & come along on this new journey!
A website is being developed and I will announce it's opening here onthe blog & on twitter.
As always, please feel free to leave comments here on the blog about all of it!
I love to hear from you!
Thanks everyone!
I have been getting a lot of questions on twitter, e mail & on the blogs lately so I'd like to answer a few here, now. The first one is:
Do you create custom works?
YES I do offer commissions. I love making special pieces for collectors! I can work with you to fit your size you need, colors, and budjet. our imaginations are the only limit! And if you're really stuck, send me pictures of the area or space you would like the art for. commissions (custom artworks) are a lot of fun, and I preffer to call them collaborations!
please e mail me or contact me via twitter for details.
wisdompathart (at) yahoo dot com
please put in the subject line what you are interested in

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hello everyone!
I hope last week and this weekend was great for you. For me it was a very busy time, and I feel I have fallen behind in my work. I hate that feeling.
I've been very frustrated lately, because I have so much to do, and it seems like some things are just taking forever to get going. such as, my ETSY SHOP where you will be able to BUY handmade goodies by yours truly, based on the Art created for Wisdom Path Art.

Being a professional artist is very hard work, so much so few people ever realise how much. Ideas of artists are romanticised. I'm here to tell you, it's often difficult, not romantic at all. you have to be very dedicated, committed and consistent, day after day week after week, no matter what else is going on in your life. Few people have the kind of determination and dedication that it takes to be a professional artist.

I hope this doesn't sound like complaining, because it IS NOT.
Believe me, none of us out here working as artists would do what we do if we didn't absolutely love it, or it fulfilled us in some way, because there are FAR MORE easier ways to make a living!

I, like many artists, I suspect, do this because I MUST. That's something that's a little difficult to explain. If I didn't do what I'm doing, I would not be happy, or have the same sense of myself as I do now.
I create the art, but the art also creates me.
I absolutely must create my art, it is me, I am it, It is how I relate to the world and understand it, and so much more that is intangible, and impossible to verbalise.
It feeds every neuron of my soul, lets me understand I exist, and places me in context in the world.
(what? you're job doesn't do all that for you? run, don't walk, and give your 2 wks notice then!take a pay cut if you must, but do something that means something to you!)

I may begin a series, perhaps a photo journal of what life is like for an artist. it might be boring to most but might also dispel the romantic idea HA HA
The point of this post? hmm, there really isn't one, besides I wanted to say Hi, share a bit of what's going on and let you know new art will be coming soon, and more updates to the website. As some of my posts on my other blog may have indicated, I am going thru a transitional phase in my career.

So hang around, you might have some fun peeking into the life of this artist.
please take a minute to check it out if you haven't already.
And, as always, I deeply appreciate the kindness & support of all my artistic efforts by all of you wonderful friends out there!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hi everyone!
I almost forgot! I am Kathy Crabbe's (soul reader's) featured artist for the new moon in cancer spot!
Don't miss it! what's this all about? visit to read.
you can see it here
see you there!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

As promised, NEW ART

Hello everyone!
Iknow you have been waiting for this.
I had anticipated having many more images to share, however, we will have to settle for my most recent original painted this week.(until I return from my trip ) It is acrylic on acrylic painting paper. It's a little like canvas,or coated bristol paper.
The paper is 9x12 in. the image is a bit smaller than that.
I'm told all my small works look huge. that's interesting.

I have also included a quick scan of two contemporary pendants made this weekend. I also work in clay and will share those soon.

Please leave your comments here on the blog about this piece, and what you like about it, or twitter me about it. Don't be shy!
One thing I am really enjoying about blogging & twittering now is I actually get to hear from collectors & new friends, before only shipping works off to a gallery, I rarely got to hear such feedback. Unless it was at an opening or show.
So this is cool! so tell me what you think!
I have so many works and NEW things going on to share, I can barely stand the excitement. but it will have to wait until next weekend, since I am gone this week.
have a great week everyone!
love & hugs to you all!
thanks so much for your support & enthusiasm for my ART!

The new painting

the pendants

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Longing for home...

Hi everyone
I am longing to return to my original home. I am from Norfolk, Va. been a long time since I have lived there. lived all over the world, found myself where im at now, that has never been home. I first started thinking seriously about returning to the area a few yrs ago but home prices were so sky high I thought I couldn't. Now, I am not just longing for Norfolk, I love the entire area & state for that matter. If you havent been or explored Virginia, you're missing out. So now I am thinking seriously about the newport news area to settle in. I will have to take a trip, of course to suss it out, which I can not do right now, but maybe in the early spring.

I could go into how the area left strong imprints on my psyche, that has never left me, and gives me a longing that fills my soul, and how it is probably what sparked a subconscious attraction to industrial beauty, but, I don't have the energy to go into that right now...

Next week I am going to be gone, Monday - Friday for a confrence. I will be back Friday but wont get to any e mail or tweeting or blogging until Saturday.

Anyway, I hope to have art ready to share on the blog with you all tomorrow.
I created a new small original last night, which I will also try to get up here tomorrow before I leave.
thank you everyone for your support of my work!
Love to you all!

Strange & beautiful...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Update & my Gratitude

Hi everyone!

Hope your week is going great! I am feeling very optimistic this week, after such a huge enthusiastic response to my art from everyone. Thank you so much!

Just wanted to do a quick update here & share something with new followers of this blog & on twitter.

For a lot of you, you may already know I am ALSO the creator of Wisdom Path Art &
Wisdom Path Design. A few changes are coming over there too. but, rest assured, I am still going full force on Wisdom Path Art, busy creating painting, prints, and most exciting, my pendants!
I have chosen to use Etsy as an online venue for the Wisdom Path Art & Design line. I may also add a few more online venues just to introduce my work to as many people as possible. Hopefully, you may also be seeing the gifts & pendants created for this project in shops later this year or next year as well. The best way to keep up with what's going on is to also follow my BLOG for Wisdom Path Art & visit the website.

I put my heart & soul into Wisdom path Art, like I do with my contemporary work, or anything I do. And I really get a great deal of joy from how much everyone enjoys what I create & share there. I hope new followers & friends here will take a peek and enjoy the Wisdom Path Art blog & site as much as this one. It is going thru a few changes as well, which I will just leave up to everyone to watch, instead of trying to verbalise.

Bottom line is, I am a very busy girl! and wanted to make sure all of my new friends knew what I'm up to & all about.
I don't do anything else. The contemporary paintings you see here, and my business Wisdom Path Art are my career.
They may be a little different from eachother, but the bottom line is always the same.
It's all about being true to yourself, finding your joy & living your dreams. About being brave enough to be yourself, without worrying what anyone else thinks. It's also a celebration of the divine feminine, and the lives of creative women.

I have a lot planned for both aspects of my career & looking forward to sharing it all with you!

I am in the process of building a website to showcase my contemporary paintings. As soon as it is complete, I will post a link here, of course!

I really appreciate when you take a moment of your valuable time to share your comments here on my blogs. Your comments inspire me to keep going & also to bring things to you that you may enjoy, so thank you!
I'd like to encourage you to keep commenting , and also to share your ideas with me.
I Am also open to collaborations with other artists, which are always fun. but, time willing. I dont have much time right now...

which brings me to my next bit of info.

Next week from the 20th to the 24th, I will be in OKC for a confrence.
I will not be online or twittering, or blogging during that time.
If you e mail me, please have patience
I probably wont get to it until Saturday the 25.
I may have some new creations to share though, when I return!

Right now, I will be gone for the next two days, hiding in my studio creating joyfully for the Wisdom Path Art site & also for my blog here.

Love to you all & Many Blessings!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hi everyone!
I have some new art to share! Maybe you can tell im a little excited about these!
the first is a small acrylic painting titled 'ethereal'. its on wood panel. I finished it just last night, and was very pleased with it.
After I scanned the painting, I began playing around with adjusting colors, et. in my computer, and created 2 new works based off of 'Ethereal'. It has sparked a whole new idea for a series for me. I am going to alter all or most of my new work after being photographed or scanned, to create new works.
I am calling this series 'ultra color'.
please feel free to leave me your comments. I really enjoy hearing from everyone. or, you can catch me on twitter! hope to see you there!
love to you all!

p.s. the new price structure / list for 2009 -2010 will be ready soon.
I will be offering these and others on Etsy, a few other online venues, my gallery, and at shows later in the year.


Ethereal, acrylic on wood panel

ultra color series, #1.

Ultra color series, #2.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thanks & Welcome to the new blog

Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to say Thanks! to all of you who stopped in & those of you following my blog, and new account on twitter. I didnt expect such enthusiasm HA HA especially to the contemporary work, not that I dont like my own work, or anything of the such, Just that No one from twitter basically knows me at all for my contemporary art, since my account which I initially met everyone thru was for my other art.
The reaction I got when I posted the 3 paintings shown in the post below on twitpic was astonding, it actually shocked me. Kathy Crabbe who is using me again for her new moon artist feature on her blog loved them & is using them in the spot.
All of this really made me happy, well, it is very encouraging, too.
So Thanks!
I am working on new 'stuff' :)
And have several signigficant works being photographed that I will be posting too.
unfortunately, all of these are sold, or ones I am keeping for my own collection.
I do plan to have more very soon though available to purchase, if you may be so inclined. I have been doing a lot of small works, but also can and do work very large at times, and will do commissions.
I also LOVE having my work used for print. Paid or not.
I just like it.
am I gonna make a new website? yep. I 'll post the link here when it's ready, and also blab about it on twitter.
Anyone on Twitter who follows me knows, I am not 'spammy' but I do like to share what's going on with me. I'm definitely not there to simply market, spam, or advertise.
I have made so many amazing connections & new friends from Twitter!
so when i'm there, i'm connecting, not selling.
For some crazy reason, Since I have been working publicly, and online again, everyone has been going crazy about my work & really being supportive of me on my projects & art.
you know what I think about that?
That you guys are AWSOME!
you ROCK! and you have given me a lot more in my life than you realise.

I also love to support other artists, I probably wont have a whole side-bar filled with links, sections, et. I find that distracting. What I usually do is, people I have connected with, i blog about them. I think thats even better than a link. it requires my thought, time & energy to do that for someone. Kind of like making someone a present vs. buying something at a store, last minute! :)
So, As with my other blog, I will continue to share my friends' work on this blog too. I really believe in Artists & creative people supporting eachother. A lot of people say that, or similar, but that's all they do, is say they do, and not do it. i better stop or this will become a whole new subject matter.
Thanks & happy creating!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

my First post on my new Blog!

this is my very first post. look at my baby blog! how cute! it will surely turn into a monster.(like everything else in my life)
I am an artist, and created this as a way to have an outlet like regular people do, who dont work with the public, so I could just hang out & be me, without censoring myself. surely, this will end up being public too, So like it or not, here I am! This is my personal Blog. I will rant, share & post art.
who knows, you guys might really dig it.
If you do, great.
But this is not about making anyone happy, it's just for me.
Mine, mine! it's all mine!
ok, now, I'll go decorate my site & add some art.