Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thanks & Welcome to the new blog

Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to say Thanks! to all of you who stopped in & those of you following my blog, and new account on twitter. I didnt expect such enthusiasm HA HA especially to the contemporary work, not that I dont like my own work, or anything of the such, Just that No one from twitter basically knows me at all for my contemporary art, since my account which I initially met everyone thru was for my other art.
The reaction I got when I posted the 3 paintings shown in the post below on twitpic was astonding, it actually shocked me. Kathy Crabbe who is using me again for her new moon artist feature on her blog loved them & is using them in the spot.
All of this really made me happy, well, it is very encouraging, too.
So Thanks!
I am working on new 'stuff' :)
And have several signigficant works being photographed that I will be posting too.
unfortunately, all of these are sold, or ones I am keeping for my own collection.
I do plan to have more very soon though available to purchase, if you may be so inclined. I have been doing a lot of small works, but also can and do work very large at times, and will do commissions.
I also LOVE having my work used for print. Paid or not.
I just like it.
am I gonna make a new website? yep. I 'll post the link here when it's ready, and also blab about it on twitter.
Anyone on Twitter who follows me knows, I am not 'spammy' but I do like to share what's going on with me. I'm definitely not there to simply market, spam, or advertise.
I have made so many amazing connections & new friends from Twitter!
so when i'm there, i'm connecting, not selling.
For some crazy reason, Since I have been working publicly, and online again, everyone has been going crazy about my work & really being supportive of me on my projects & art.
you know what I think about that?
That you guys are AWSOME!
you ROCK! and you have given me a lot more in my life than you realise.

I also love to support other artists, I probably wont have a whole side-bar filled with links, sections, et. I find that distracting. What I usually do is, people I have connected with, i blog about them. I think thats even better than a link. it requires my thought, time & energy to do that for someone. Kind of like making someone a present vs. buying something at a store, last minute! :)
So, As with my other blog, I will continue to share my friends' work on this blog too. I really believe in Artists & creative people supporting eachother. A lot of people say that, or similar, but that's all they do, is say they do, and not do it. i better stop or this will become a whole new subject matter.
Thanks & happy creating!

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  1. I think this is fabulous! I LOVE the new art! What a great idea to blog about those people you love rather than just posting a link. By the way, have you ever thought about doing wallpaper and screen savers for computers with pics of your art? Possibly a collage? I would love to have that for my computer and would pay for it :)

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and your beautiful self with all of us :)