Sunday, July 19, 2009

As promised, NEW ART

Hello everyone!
Iknow you have been waiting for this.
I had anticipated having many more images to share, however, we will have to settle for my most recent original painted this week.(until I return from my trip ) It is acrylic on acrylic painting paper. It's a little like canvas,or coated bristol paper.
The paper is 9x12 in. the image is a bit smaller than that.
I'm told all my small works look huge. that's interesting.

I have also included a quick scan of two contemporary pendants made this weekend. I also work in clay and will share those soon.

Please leave your comments here on the blog about this piece, and what you like about it, or twitter me about it. Don't be shy!
One thing I am really enjoying about blogging & twittering now is I actually get to hear from collectors & new friends, before only shipping works off to a gallery, I rarely got to hear such feedback. Unless it was at an opening or show.
So this is cool! so tell me what you think!
I have so many works and NEW things going on to share, I can barely stand the excitement. but it will have to wait until next weekend, since I am gone this week.
have a great week everyone!
love & hugs to you all!
thanks so much for your support & enthusiasm for my ART!

The new painting

the pendants


  1. I love the colors!

  2. Very nice. I love the colours & the pendants look very pretty. I especially love the round one.