Saturday, August 15, 2009

New ART?! and an invite...

Hi Guys!

Hope your weekend is going great. wanted to stop in, and tell you what ive been up to lately.

Still doing my contemporary artwork, yes, of course. But my work over at Wisdom Path Art has me pretty busy recently.

Things are settling in nicely though, and I am working on a few new collections for WPA. I'd like to say Thank you! to my 23 friends who follow this blog, and apparently the several hundred of you visiting it! On that note, I'd like to invite you all if you haven't already, to join me on the Wisdom Path Art blog so you can keep up with my fun over there, too.

between the two blogs (this one and that one) you can really get an idea of what my life is like, and what's up. And I enjoy sharing. you can visit the WPA blog here

please sign up, follow and join me!

ALSO, for anyone who hasnt heard, I am on Facebook now, finally. I know, Im the last person on Earth who didnt have a FB page, right? ha ha ok, well I have one now. And the response has been crazy! Thank you again! so, another invite, this one to join me on my FB page, I'd love to see you there!

join me on FB:

Lastly, If you don't know what kinda stuff I do over at wisdom path art, here's an idea.

a new release!

So, what are you waiting for? take a minute, come have some fun, and join me on the Wisdom Path Art blog, and facebook page. oh, and of course, you got to see the new site design, too. so pop on over to



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