Monday, September 28, 2009

I feel a rant coming on...

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I posted here. I miss it.

This is my hang out with a cup of coffee blog. get comfy, and join me on the porch, want a cup of joe? I like cream and stevia (no artificial crap for me, thanks)

I want to add a disclaimer to this post. If it makes you mad, don't write me whining. I have better things to do. If this post may imply I am not nice, well you dont know me.
(and, quite honestly, I have better things to do than worry what others think of me, because I treat everyone with respect and kindness, so if they have a problem, I am sure it's thier issue, not mine.)

Well, all of you i'm sure know i've been really busy lately.
I feel I must expound on this, maybe rant, and tell you what's been up &
also what's gonna happen.

What's going on: Creating art, and prints for WISDOM PATH ART. getting ready to open the Etsy shop. trying to keep my sanity. there was a 6ft long rattle-snake in my yard last night, right near my puppies. thankfully it slithered off, as it was between the gate to the dog yard, and patio, and until then couldnt get to the puppies!

I want to first say Thank you so much to all my amazing friends I have made thru twitter, Etsy, and FB. you guys really inspire me with your kindness and support. love to you all. you've added a lot to my life & process.
I always look forward to chatting, catching up, and sharing what i've been doing with all of you.
Basically, i'm the exact same with my business, Wisdom Path Art. It's just my style. I'm direct, me, and genuine.
I was told this is why things are going so well.
I was thinking about that when I see so many articles about do this, do that, use twitter, blah blah blah directed at artists and craft makers.
Maybe if everyone was just themselves, shared more, and wasn't only out for themselves, they might do better!

I actually get quite a few other artists saying hey have you made sales from using this or that, and it shocked them when I say I dont know, Im not selling anything yet. Actually, I've had to wait a little longer than I initially anticipated to begin offering prints, and other items...
perhaps they could only see the value in sharing or being interactive when it benefits them, or to make sales. this is where I think the mistake happens.
Then these same people will say well, I'm using such-and such, but it hasnt helped me with sales. Hmmmm...

Do I need to say it?
I guess so. If all you're doing is trying to 'make sales' instead of making connections- REAL ones! then that's why the sales arent coming! duh!
Do I pay attention to tweets on twitter of people who just post thier latest listing of an item for sale? NO. I personally, think it's annoying, or at least, boring. some dont even say what the link is about. come on! think people!
I also know a lot of other people dont too.
Maybe it works for some people, but perhaps a differnt approach would be more effective.

Recently, A new user on FB opened a fan page. she was ALL over, saying im working on my numbers, I fanned you fan me back, et. it was really annoying. And I am thinking, ok, this is the same kind of artist who later is going to be complaining they arent making sales...

so what you get a GAZILLION people to follow you or join your fan page? does that mean they are keeping up with you? or are going to be customers? probably not, especially if all you ever post is "I fanned you! fan me back!!!" why be interested? the only people interested are others 'working on thier numbers'...
(take this concept and apply it to whatever situation you need to.)

And that's all I have to say about that, or it will just go into long boring gobbly-gook.

Artists crafters : Do you tell or let it be known locally what you do? (this excludes those of you in a large city- involved in the local art association, et. that's not what I mean).
I don't. want to know why? HA HA

I used to. (A little back info. In 2005 I lost my Mother to cancer. I was her care-giver until she went into hospice.The year leading up to this I HAD TO Slow down my career. after this time, I did not do shows, work with galleries,et. I was creating art, but needed time to heal, and think about life. so what i'm reffering to was previous to this.)

well, a lot still know what I do. However, I dont openly advertise I purposely am incognito in my area. many dont know what I do. and for me, that's fine. (this allows me to have a semi normal life, and not be engaged in long conversations while trying to get mundane things done.)
(trust me this is leading up to what comes next, a point, or rant.)
When I did, It led to a lot of that's so cool, and hey can you do this, this, that. Oh, I need you to do (insert innapropriate project here), and can you? can you? can you? (mind you, I am not speaking of legitimate work offers, or collectors wishing to hire me to create a new painting for them)
NOPE, I can't.
Not unless you want to pay me. yes. pay me-
(because, I provide a service, or produce goods you would like, but dont have)
oh, and by the way, i'm in a hurry- I'm trying to do my grocery shopping, pick up from the pharmacy, eat with my family...thanks.

All of these things require cash, you know, the stuff you pay people in exchange for them making or doing things for you. what a novel idea! WOW!

Examples : The bakery SELLS Bread. you buy it, because you want it. you exchange money for this bread.
(the bakery charges money for the bread because they had to use raw materials to make this bread, and have the knowledge to create it, so that you could then enjoy it.)
You dont get the bread because you really like the bread, and think you should be able to have it, because, just because, you like it. the bakery is not there to give away free bread.or, at least, they are not going to give it to you just because you feel they should be flattered by your liking thier bread.

your DR: try going to the doctor, and expecting them to give you services for free. It will brighten everyone's day by making them laugh.

the Lawyer: same thing. however, you should FULLY EXPECT them to do this for you, and not think twice about it.
afterall, they should be flattered!

the mechanic, car dealership, or tire shop. hmmm, let's see. get a new car, an oil change, repair, or new tires? for free? nope! don't think so.

nevermind that the doctor, lawyer, dentist, pharmacist, mechanic, bread baker all have special skills they use to provide you services, most taking years to learn, and also many specialized tools for thier services, and raw materials to make things for you.

But, if your sense of entitlement is so grand that you are somehow convinced that the world owes you everything, and you should have it simply because you like it, or want it, then good for you. I'm sure you will get far with this way of thinking. let me know how this works out for you. K? great.

For some reason, the general public, not everyone, mind you. just a LOT of people, think it's perfectly OK to expect artists, crafters, designers, illustrators to give them thier time, expertise, skills, and products for free.
It's not ok. (as seen by the examples above).

This even extends, to me, to make sure images are given proper credit when used online. and, ideally, asked to be used first. unless it is taken from a stock photo site, then that image was made by someone probably trying to make a living. they deserve proper credit.
if it's good enough for you to use, or steal then you can have enough respect to at least give the person credit for thier creation.

Despite what some think, just because an image is online, does NOT make it public domain.
just because I can see your car while I walk down the street, doesnt give me the right to pop in and drive it around.

when you put examples of what people expect from artists or creatives, it's really unfair, and rediculous, and it brings it to light very easily when you put the same situation in terms of other professions or situations.
I have often got very angry responses from people when pointing out these basics.

Some people will say well, any art made that is sold, or if an artist makes a living from thier art, it's not real art.
GIMME A BREAK. who pays your bills?

I think anyone who spots this, i'm going to tel them hey since your an expert, you shouldnt get a salary from the college you teach at. you should SHARE your grand wisdom for free, because if you dont, then you're not really a professor.

Who are these people who come up with this stuff?!
It's just another way to try and 'keep us in line'.

For the rest of us, in the real world, who DO make REAL art, but, *GASP* have the audacity to expect to live a decent, comfortable life, and provide basics for our families like EVERYONE ELSE, I say to all the others: GET STUFFED.

We are contributing members of this society, and if you want what we have, you need to pay for it like everything else.

I didnt mean for the whole point of this to be about getting paid. this was kinda a tangent, But I think it needed to be said.

It's NOT wrong to want to make a living doing what you love. It's ALSO NOT wrong to expect the same respect shown to other professionals, as an artist, or creative.

I am probably going to start a series for artists. I'm not going to address that right now though.

Thank goodness, times are a bit different, with the movement for everyone to self-represent, and micro or "indie' prenuers now. this is a great thing!

(except I HATE catch phrases or words with a purple passion. ie:'indiprenuer. 'quantum' oh, get over yourself! ugh!
i'm going to go be UBER Pretentious in my hybrid, drinking soy latte in a recycled cup from an over priced coffe house where only uber cool, other pretentious A Holes buy coffee-while I use my palm pre, and feel sorry for the unwashed masses who are so unenlightened about being green, hip,and all that other crap.)

oh sorry. think my filter broke, or I was possesed.back to what I was saying...

but, it comes back to there are so many misconceptions about artists.

so, locally, I dont advertise, mix, or anything like that, about my art. it's not worth it.
I think at some point later, I will reach out a bit more, maybe even advertise, but for right now, I am enjoying the peace and quiet. I work nationally, so I'm not dependent on what happens locally.

where was I?
by now, I am sure there arent a lot reading, then again, who knows?! this is my personal blog, And I am allowed to my opinion, and life.

Which brings me to another point.
yes. Somehow I am not allowed to have an opinion, a life, make mistakes, or in general, anything else others take for granted because I am an artist, or I have an online presence, or am a public figure.
I think you know by now my response to that. ehem.

Ok, I'm done.there is so much more I feel the need to comment on, but tonight isnt the right time.
I will try to make other posts more direct, focused, and less rambling. but then again, I might not. this is my personal blog, and, I promise nothing. Except that it's me, and without filtering.
read for entertainment only...

The pupose of this blog is:
A) for me to have fun with
B) To share with fellow creatives & other friends
C) show in a candid way what my life is like & what I'm working on.

If you expect anything else, you'll be disapointed.

Oh, And DONT post ads or links in my comment section. it's tacky, and i'll just delete it, anyway.
also warning: dont come to MY blog, read something, then try to engage a debate or arguement about it.
That's tantamount to doing the same inside my home. not gonna happen.
this, is not a forum, its my personal blog.

next time, I might discuss the issue of those who find value in community among artists, and those who live in and by jelousy, and other negative personality traits, that usually keep the artist from success, and therefore a negative cycle ensues. (this all goes back to our thoughts creating our reality) small thoughts =small career.

ok, before I sign off, I want to address wasting people's time. because I've been dealing with that lately.(yay)
I'm currently NOT accepting any commissions. for anything.
When I begin to sell my block prints on ETSY, I WILL offer custom work. this will have to be paid in full before I begin the work.
I am NOT available for logos, sketches, other art, or also to give free advice, and lessons via e mail.
my time is as valuable as everyone elses.
the end


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