Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guess what?!

ok So I just didnt know what to use for a catchy blog title post. Sorry.

I do have art to share though. some is new, some is not new, but has never been shown on the internet before. I am a bit disapointed in the pics and will try to replace them with better ones in a few days. I havent been feeling well this week, and it's been a very busy time for me.
So I might not be writing anything incredibly insighful for a bit, (because I have a migraine right now) but I can at least share my art with you all.
I am still working on creating a new website for all of the abstracts, and changing the look of Wisdom Path Art. I am increasingly frustrated with how to deal with a huge body of work spanning many years and different eras in my life and what i was working on I would like to show this but, oh well I'll figure something out. my head hurts to bad right now to bother.

enjoy the new art. oh, and of course, as promised, pics of BUG super studio mascot in training. he is 4 months old now. he thinks he owns not just the yard, but also the entire block, and likes to eat everything. but he's my sweetie. along with 5 others right now


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  2. Love to see the process - keep posting pix of works-in-progress - very interesting and very inspirational too!