Saturday, October 3, 2009

just another day...

hello everyone,
Hope you've all had a good week. I have. a somewhat busy, dis-jointed week.
I have not had time to create new abstract paintings, and when that happens, just like with any other art I create, I find myself getting a little down, and cranky even.
I have nothing relevant to add this post.
Except that I am not taking commissions from individuals for the WPA art/ website. this doesnt mean I wont occasionally create custom artworks for Etsy listings or such.
However it does mean if someone contacts me about doing things such as logos, or artwork, It's a no-go.
this pertains to individuals, not established companies, or publishers. I am happy to work with them.
WHY? because they already understand how hiring a professional works, and how licensing works.
If they contact you, it generally isn't to waste your time, and they know what they want. excellent!
because, I have enough to do already.
take care everyone, and, I will be posting new art here, and on the WPA fan page and website soon.
until then,
be well
lots of love,

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  1. HELLO EVERYONE! it's JEN. I can't seem to log into this blog because it is so old. I wanted all of you to know ALL MY NEW STUFF is on my new blog, website and all that.
    I stopped using the Swiderski name not long after all this, because I wanted to use my own surname, Lester.